Sutan Gading Fadhillah Nasution

I'm Software Engineer who specialized in Frontend on Full-time work, and also has some ability to code in Fullstack on Part-time/Freelance.

I'm passionate in exploring about modern mobile and web technology while taking into consideration about DX (Developer Experience), the latest trends, and techniques.

My main focus is on improving DX in the Frontend team, such as setup the boilerplate, architecture, standardization, creating utilities/libraries, research, and improving the reliability structure in codebases. My works is mostly on building services that are not end-to-end products on the Frontend side.

I would be a fast learner in doing new things and building good teamwork either. Also, made several side or open-source projects on GitHub for fun, and maybe already useful for people who have used it.

Spelling my name

Before getting to know more about someone, the first thing you should do is knowing how to pronounce their name properly. Here are the names you can use to call me:

✅ These are correct :
  • Sutan
  • Gading (recommended)
  • Fadhillah
  • Nasution
❌ These are incorrect :
  • Sultan (adding L)
  • Gilang (I don't know why some people going so far in spelling my name)
  • Fadillah (missing H)
  • Fadhilah (missing one L)
  • Fadilah (missing H and one L)

The story behind "Gading"

I’m a long-life learner person. Online developer communities, OSS projects, mentors sharing their knowledge (for free & paid), colleagues, and friends, all those people helped me get to where I am today. And I’m very grateful for that. Early on I also helped out people, contributed to some OSS projects and published my own projects on GitHub. That’s how I realized that I enjoy technical writing like in blog or software documentation, and creating educational content & interacting with another developers.

More questions about me?

Before asking me more, you can check my Now page to know about what I'm doing in daily, maybe there you'll find the answer.

About this website

I built this website using JAMStack with Next.js technology, you can check the source-code here. All content on this website mostly is written using Markdown (no database included). If you want to make one too, then I suggest you learn about JAMStack first, JAMStack technology is quite extensive, there are many technologies or frameworks that you can use to build a JAMStack-based website, not just using Next.js. You can DYOR.

In building this website, I really paid attention to all aspects related to performance and SEO. Therefore, I'll display the website performance report on this page, and it will always be updated periodically. Thanks to Ankur Parihar for making Readme Pagespeed Insight that can generate performance report of this website automatically. Here's the last updated report:

Performance Report (Desktop)
Performance Report (Mobile)

Best regards, Sutan Gading Fadhillah Nasution.