Projects, experiments, and some stuff that I've made.

Hadith API

Simple Islamic Hadith REST API with Indonesia Translation.

Qur'an Machine (Instagram & Telegram Bot)

Automatic shares qur'an verses and translations on Instagram/Telegram.

Qur'an API

Simple Quran REST API with Indonesia Tafsir and media audio (murrotal) Syekh. Mishary Rashid Alafasy

COVID-19 Visualized

Web that contains information about corona virus (COVID-19) victim updates with data visualization.

Kampus API & Scraper

GraphQL API for data of "Perguruan Tinggi" in Indonesia created using web scraping techniques with puppeteer from "Kementerian RISTEKDIKTI" website.


MeChat is Meet & Chat Mobile Application built with React Native integrated with Firebase, Google Map API and Netlify functions.

Point of Sales

Point of sales is a cashier application that simplifies the checkout process. Also has a order history feature and income statistics.


Library Application for my final terms project based on barcode and qr code with PWA and push notification technology.

Simple Web Storage

Lightweight utilities that can make easier to access application storage in client browser.

Simple Print

Simple Javascript utility to print HTML element easier..

Griya Kain Online Shop

Online Shop Griya Kain Mr. Kentang


Computer Repair Request Application for PT. PUSRI (Persero)


A Progressive Task Management Application with Offline First Technology.

IP Stalker

Simple & Fast IP Address Stalker Application by using IP scraper in backend API with serverless service

Chat Socket

Real-time chat app with Gravatar API.

Jekyll Starter Blog

Static generated site designed for developers that want to write blog posts that hosted in static hosting.

It Health

Web Design Competition 2018 (Team coffeeManiac).

It Muslim

Simple Al-Qur'an Web App.


Task Management Application for Computer Engineering Department POLSRI.

Moba La-Tansa

Website for Moba La-Tansa foundation.

E-Log Tracking System

E-Log Tracking System Project for PT. Tanjungenim Lestari.


HAR UPT Project for PT. PLN (Persero).


IFTANA Website.